Sunday, March 11, 2007

Final Resting Place

Farming is manly. Gardening is less so. It is therefore essential that I take every opportunity to prove my worth to Camille as Chief Man on Lincoln Street. Enter the raised beds.

We'd been thinking about building raised beds for over a year, but until two weeks ago, I didn't even own a drill. So when Camille handed me the blueprints for the raised beds of her dreams, I was a little intimidated. Ah, but there's nothing that a trip to the lumber yard won't cure. There's something about a warehouse full of freshly cut nature to get you in the right frame of mind.

(I am ignoring the part where I paid for the wood and nearly fell over--as it turned out, cedar is so expensive that we will only be building one raised cedar bed this year. The rest will be constructed out of less durable wood (or maybe even brick). My God, lumber's expensive.)

Back at the house, I set immediately to work at the foot of our driveway amidst the steadily melting snow. I was somewhat nervous at first, because the lumber was so expensive, but after the first few screws were firmly through the planks my confidence grew. And really, building a raised bed isn't so tough--it's just a big box anchored by a couple of stout posts--and in less than two hours...voila! My first raised bed.

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