Friday, June 8, 2007

Embarrassing Lapse

If I wait around until I have a good chunk of time to post something worth the wait of a now month-and-a-half of silence, I'll never post.

We have not abandoned the garden. In fact, David has been tremendously busy transforming our backyard into an oasis (and a farm, practically). I have been on the couch, eating saltines and working hard transforming genetic material into a baby. (I am now 13 weeks. I am now feeling human again. The baby is now looking human.)

We did plant most everything. This weekend will be the last push, with melons and pumpkins and winter squash (and replanting the pole beans which were eaten, we think, by the birds we enticed to our house all winter). I need to get to school and give a final exam, so I can't list the myriad vegetables and herbs that are now growing, but I will (I will!) in a later post.

Until then (which can't be much longer, as I have only THREE DAYS OF SCHOOL LEFT!), here are some wonderful shots David took. I love the one of Sawyer devouring his second patch of catnip under the watchful eye of a dragonfly.


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