Saturday, September 8, 2007


Okay, so these pictures weren't from our garden, but they are inspiration for our flowers next year. We walk regularly in the neighborhood down the street, and although most of the houses are the same style-different color, we do like the passels of kids running around and sharing yards. Everyone we have met has been nice too. Our last encounter was with a man who saw me bending over these plants while David squatted down to take photos of the bees.

The man didn't see David, he said, so he walked over, having seen I was pregnant and in a weird position in his yard. "I got worried something was wrong with you. I hoped you weren't going into labor." Me too!

Two other neighbors came over and we chatted about the neighborhood and flowers while David snapped away happily.

We have some of these sedums(?) in our side yard, and they are quite popular with the bees. Maybe there isn't a virus killing all the fruit pollinators; maybe they are just bored and want to change menus.

These morning glories (?) were open in the evening, so I'm guessing I got the name wrong. We need something like this wrapped around our sad rusty mailbox. Problem is, it's buried in the pavement, so I might need to fashion some sort of split barrel around it to get some plants and color. I'm also hesitant because any flowers we had in the front yard have died because we are never out there to water. Maybe we'll be more conscientious next year. After all, 2008 is the year of the flowers at the Bernsteins'.

These pink geraniums -- I think I got that one right! -- scream for attention. They remind me of high school girls -- vibrant and fresh.

A bonus shot: the Franklin Conservation land on our walk. It's all around us. Our swamp in the back yard is great for animals, but it's not picturesque, and it's difficult to walk through. This scene always pleases us -- all year round.

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