Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Back from the Compost Heap

One of my favorite photos

So wait, you're telling me that we haven't updated our blog in nearly a year? And that we didn't make one crummy posting during ALL of last year's garden.
"That's unacceptable!"

Well, I agree. I will say that we DID have a garden last year, though it did not receive the love and attention that past gardens had enjoyed. I blame Virginia and a protracted job search. One of the distractions was significantly more enjoyable than the other. We did, however, cultivate a garden in the summer of 2008, and I am willing to call it a moderate success. Our tomatoes thrived, our garlic was weak, and everything else in between did pretty OK. I'll take it!

Camille and I (and Virginia, of course) are back, searching through piles of organic seed catalogs, trying to figure out what we want. I am determined, after years of feeble protest, to push my agenda for a smaller, more orderly garden, this year. Frankly, even without VA, Camille and I have been overwhelmed by gardens past. Once the heat hits, there's just too much to do, and a lot of the doing never gets done. As a result, the zucchinis aren't harvested on time (they turn woody), the carrots aren't thinned (creating strange mutations due to lack of nutrients), and tomato suckers aren't pinched off (which leads to more tomatoes...that are lacking in serious glucose, or whatever). So this year, with four gardens under our belt, I say...downsize. A little.

We really are excited this year though. Life won't be so crazy, and Virginia will be able to toddle around, digging up worms and eating fresh fruits. It's going to be GREAT. I am most looking forward to growing tomatoes and eggplant (so pretty) and peppers for Camille. I am also excited to plant a few flower varieties, but that's mostly so I can take photos of them.

Okay, we're back!

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