Friday, April 9, 2010


It sounds crazy, perhaps, but I think this year's garden will be easier to manage. How do I figure? One thing is Virginia is so helpful and interested in gardening. She may not plant seeds in perfect rows, but she doesn't annihilate the garden when she digs around. She asks, "Mama, can I dig here?" She loves using her garden tools and giving the plants drinks with her Wonder Pets watering can.

Another thing is her swing set. David and some friends are coming by tomorrow to build it. We've figuratively built it up so much getting Virginia ready for spring and Henry that it can't but disappoint us all. Nah, she'll love it. I just hope David can get it done before rain or a surprise arrival by Hank the Tank makes it a June project.

But back to the garden. David's post below is well-intentioned but misinformed. I don't remember agreeing to so many reductions. We are simplifying the process by buying most of our seedlings, but the variety is still a priority for me. Okay, so maybe we are reducing the number of tomato plants, but Virginia and I have already planted swiss chard, arugula, scallions, parsnips, and carrots. She and David put in lettuce, too.

Henry -- in my fantasies -- will be easy, sleeping under an umbrella while VA's swinging and we are working on staking pole beans. I also fantasize about maternity leave: three days home each week to work on house projects (what?? a clean house again???) and yard work.

We'll see, we'll see.

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