Friday, April 21, 2006

Overly Enthusiastic

Sometimes you make mistakes.

Like when you plant cucumber seedlings just because you have more seedling trays and those soiless mix pellets and the other plants have been so fun to raise. So you plant cucumbers just for the hell of it -- at least six weeks early -- and then, because they are bursting out of their little pots, you go ahead and plant them in the ground.

You know how it is: the weather's been perfect, and it feels like real, actual, genuine Spring, with temps in the 60s and even 70s and you actually get a little burned nose and you have to water twice a you think, "What the hell? Let's give 'em a shot." So you plant cucumbers in the ground in mid-April.

Cucumbers are known as "very tender" vegetables, and they won't germinate in soil lower than 50-degrees. In our house, in their little hothouse shelters, they burst forth from the soil(less) mix. Now they are in the garden, next to some carrots and some pansies and a hollycock. And they are very unhappy.

Here's a photo of how they looked on the warm day we planted them.

[Sigh.] They are not long for this world.

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