Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tiny Specks of Green

Richard didn't appear from nowhere, obviously. (Neither did his fellow 113 tomato seedlings. Incidentally, we were wrong about the seventy-nine normal seedlings mentioned in the previous post; we planted far more than that. [We counted them this afternoon.] And if you count spinach seedlings or cucumber seedlings or beet seedlings or pea seedlings..., well, then the number we planted is just plain ridiculous.)

Richard was the inspiration for this blog, but there are seven weeks of gardening history to cover as an introduction. We'd like to record Richard's valiant effort to turn into something productive (ah, so like parents, we), but this blog might be helpful next winter when we forget everything we did and in what steps and on what schedule.

We're winging it this year. We've read a lot about seedlings and gardening, but a lot of what we are doing is just guesswork and hope. According to our Picasa records, we planted seedlings on February 22 -- tomatoes and beets. It was a couple weeks early based on the Almanac, but we wanted to try anyway.

Four days later we were rewarded with tiny specks of green -- sooner than we'd expected. Beets bring near-instant joy!


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