Monday, December 10, 2007

End of the Harvest

I can't believe we have so few photos of the garden from this fall. I found this video from sometime in November. The most recent photos are from early September! We've been busy growing a baby, I guess. We have scads and scads of pictures of my belly (with the garden in the background), but no garden.

We did get the garlic in -- just in time -- and planted great deal of it. You can never grow too much!

I know that the baby will consume our minds and arms, but I hope we still make time for the garden. I suspect much of the work will fall to me, as I will be home until April 7th. I look forward to planning where we will plant this year and what seeds we'll order, all good chores for cold winter days. David did most of the hard labor last year, owing to my exhaustion and restrictions on my movement, so it's only fair -- and it will feel good.

Our favorite baby outfit has a garden theme. My sister-in-law Laurie gave us two cute onesies with tomatoes and garden implements. I can't wait to get Virginia in them. I bought the next size up, too, because I didn't want her to outgrow them!

Right now, our only green thumb activity is forcing blooms on the bay window. I'll snap some shots soon, and then again after the holidays when the amarylis go on sale.

-- Camille
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