Saturday, March 22, 2008

Garden Girl

We are, at long last, back in the garden. We received our seeds in the mail about a month ago, but we're late getting them started this year -- no surprise with other distractions!

The temperature is only the low 40s, and there's a little bit of ice in the raised beds, but we were able work the soil and to use some of our homemade compost. The garlic is coming up -- new this year, we have some sort of red garlic -- and we actually found some parsnips that we can eat!

We also found some beans from last year -- well beyond edible -- when David was rototilling. The rototiller broke, somehow, but some of David's kids claimed their dads could fix it. In the meantime, we'll just tone our arms with some good ol' fashioned manual labor.

Virginia woke up in a new place in her carseat/carriage (this happens to her a lot) -- the garden! She demanded to be pushed around -- fussy girl -- so only one of us could really work after about 20 minutes. I love the pictures of her here; she seems to be telling David a story about something really, really tiny that she had to squint to see. You can also see soil on her head and blanket where her parents tried to adjust her clothes while wearing their dirty gardening gloves.

The macabre photo of a GIGANTIC dead raccoon is the creature David found that must've been hit by a car and stumbled back into our yard to die. He gave the poor thing a proper burial.


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