Sunday, April 5, 2009

Garlic Discoveries

So this was fun: I entered a garlic recipe contest sponsored by NPR. My recipe for crab cakes was chosen in the top three, and they featured the recipe on the site.

After listening to the original program, I assumed that all the recipes had to have green garlic, which I'd never used before. I'd put scapes into my crabcakes, so I thought they might work. Serendipitous to the entry, I found a whole patch of green garlic in last year's site! So now we don't worry about "wasting" our precious crop.

Our regular garlic has done fabulously this year -- it's already four inches high. This morning I put compost all around the plants and then planted lettuce in between.

Beets go in today too. It's a gorgeous sunny cool day -- and we have a kite to fly later today!
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