Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The spring has, at last, settled in. AMEN.

Well, because of Ms. Virginia's arrival, gardening isn't the same leisurely activity that it once was. Even getting the seeds started is something of a race against time--not so much against the warming temperatures, but against the astonishing backlog of household chores and necessities. The taxes must be calculated, the leaves raked, and the clothes sent off to Goodwill.

The tomatoes, however, have been hatched, and all but one of the pods is boasting fresh life. We're ten days away from the time we planted the seeds, and they seem to be doing well. The secondary leaves are just beginning show, though the stems seem a little on the leggy side. In another week or two, we'll start one of my least favorite process: the Thinning.

The Thinning. There comes a point where only one plant is allowed in each pod. You (well, I--Camille always seems to be busy) have to go in with a pair of scissors and snip away at the weaker plant. As someone who has never been tall, I always have a tough time with this, and I inevitably allow one or two of the smaller guys to prevail.

Anyway, this is where we are in our planting. A lot of the other seeds are going to be planted directly in the ground.

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