Monday, January 1, 2007

Bickering Old Couple

David has done the majority of the raking, I will admit. And on Dec 27th, I forced him to go for a trail run, even after he had done 1.5 hours of raking. I claimed that chores can't count for exercise. (We both decided, individually, that we need exercise again. It's shameful how slothful we have become. (We are never lazy about eating, however. That must be said.))

Anyway, here's a snippet of the conversation:
Camille: Come on, it's our second day of new life. Let's go for a run.
David: I just spent an hour and a half raking. I am sore and exhausted.
Camille: Are you kidding? That doesn't count. Otherwise, let me count the hours I spent standing and bending and stirring in the kitchen. And how about the calories I burned tossing and turning in bed when I can't sleep? Come on. Let's go for a run.

With no recourse but whining, David (a champ!) went for a run in the woods. It was muddy and tiring (and cold), but fun.

Well...two days later, I lost a bet (about how long it would take David to run into the video store and rent a movie), so I had to finish the raking. I had my new iPod (thank you, David, for the xmas gift!), so I loved, loved, loved hanging out on Dec 28th and raking for two hours while dancing. I also did battle with a hedge clipper against some vicious vines that are choking our trees in the woods.

My dear husband came out to help the last half hour, which brought my total chore-time to 2.5 hours. I was EXHAUSTED and did not want to go to the gym. David reminded me that chores don't count.

I recanted my earlier declaration.

You win, David. You win.

In other news, the cats are obsessed with watching the birds. We love identifying the species, of course, but I am glad that now the cats have a hobby to occupy their time during the dark days of winter. Because Finley certainly isn't doing much bulb forcing.

Or any chores.



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