Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lasts and Firsts

It seems crazy that I was able to plant (in the ground) over 25 bulbs (daffodils, tulips, and something whose name I can't remember) on January 13th. The snow is supposed to arrive tomorrow, but for weeks the weather has been record-setting high in temperature. I was happy for it, because my long-delayed plan to cover the garlic and flower beds with straw is finally complete. (And none too soon, as the other bulbs (planted in October/November) are now one inch high!)

My friend Thomas from Switzerland (shown here walking with me in the gorgeous forest of his country) sent us a photo today of their first rose this year, which makes us all wonder if this unwintery weather is part of larger trend in climate change. Are we doomsdayers? We probably all need a good old-fashioned Farmer's Almanac Weather Cycle History to calm us down.

I am not a scientist, so I don't know whether to read into this mild winter something portentous for the summer. Some people fear a wickedly hot summer, based on current trends, and I wouldn't look forward to the humidity; but the wet and cold summers we've had in the past two years are harder to deal with from a gardening perspective. I can, after all, offer more water to my plants, but I can't use the shop-vac on them when it rains. And my grow lamps couldn't manage adult plants (nor do we have enough of them for all the flowers and vegetables we're planning).

So bring on the sun -- when it's time. Right now, though, some snow would be welcome.


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