Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Shivers

We're going on day eight now of significantly cold weather in the Northeast. As much as we ("we"=everyone ever) complain about the cold, as much as we ("we"=Camille) have already specifically complained about a day that we were woefully unprepared for (no hat, no gloves, lots of whining), we're all glad that it's finally here.

The first inch and a half of snow of the year drove the birds to our feeder. In two days, they've gone through nearly a third of the birdseed. I spotted another cardinal yesterday morning, which gave me a little boost as I headed on out to work. That's just the second time we've had a cardinal at the feeder in over two months.

Our amaryllis has begun to unfurl, which makes us both happy. I'm not sure I've ever seen a plant of such girth and height grow at such a dramatic pace. It's been less than a month since the plant was just a bulb, and now it's ready to burst.

We've got some other goodies that Camille planted that have begun to make their way in the world as well. They're bulbs of some sort, though I'm not entirely certain what variety. I don't think Camille is either, so this should be a pleasant surprise.

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