Sunday, January 21, 2007

To-Do's, Too Soon

Okay, that's a lie. It's not too soon to garden. And it's not too far off!

I am thrilled that we did seeds last year. I worried it would be a lot of hassle (and it is) and that it would require a lot of maintenance (and it does), but it extended our growing season and made the winter blahs less bleh. Maybe I bought too many (especially since I know nothing about flowers!), but we will have fun getting something started.

We will be doing seeds again this February break, so I thought a list of things on the blog would make sense. At least then I won't lose the little scrap of paper I usually use for notes.
For seed germination:
- set up front porch -- measure, put in screws, buy more lamps, find tables
- buy trays (we have seed starting materials
- plan for schedule - beets and peas first, etc
- organize labels and draw map for plan of porch
- add insulation to windows?
- plant seeds!

In yard:
- make plan for garden - what goes where
- make schedule - what goes when
- till soil underneath, add fertilizer (buy organic fertilizer)
- design and buy materials for rasied beds
- prepare deck for herbs
- make beds
- set up hoses/watering system
- plant seeds/plants!

We decided not to take a vacation this summer (we'd planned on Nova Scotia), because we love our house too much, and we don't want to miss any part of the garden this year. We might take a three-four day trip to the Fingerlakes Region in NY State for our anniversary, but even that isn't a requirement.


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John said...

those are quite nice trays. Are they wooden?
I need to get me flower army into basic training so they will be in full force this summer. Two girls will be skipping through a little world of flowers.